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MrGee Female casual sneakers MGW05/BL/MO

Rp 450,000

Deskripsi Produk

MrGee Female casual sneakers MGW05/BL/MO is a very unique sneakers. 

the upper material are handmade from the ladies/men from the craftsmen village nearby Palembang, The Tuan Kentang area. the motifs are derived from the antique motifs of Kain Palembang. such as Patut (the diamond). the loom yarns are woven using the manual loom woven tools. its the Kain Blongsong Palembang. 

The shoes are also still hand made. but easy to wear. zipper for opening beside lace. so easy

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  • Material: Kain Blongsong dengan sol TPR
  • Warna: marun
  • Ukuran: 38
  • Teknik: manual
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